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General Utilities

"These 14 Excel general utilities functions help me rapidly set-up my spreadsheets.  These general utilities for Excel alone are worth the price of the complete add-in. I can now easily compute the CAGR without remembering the CAGR formula."

Function Computes
Growth Rate Growth rate between two periods.
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) Growth rate over a number of periods.
Weighted Average Average weighted by weighting factors.
Index Number Indexes related to a base number.
DBZ Divides by zero. If divisor is zero, substitutes another value
New Month Creates cell that is one month from the previous one.  Can use as a series to set-up month titles for cells.
Day of Week Returns the 3 character day of week from a date.
Qtr Format Formats a date value in the appropriate quarter in QN_YY format.
New Qtr Creates cell that is one month from the previous one. Can use as a series to set-up month titles for cells.
Cumulative Adds a new number to a cumulative total. You don't need a different formula for the first cumulative value if the previous cell contains text.
Short Distance Computes distances over a short span. Useful for quick computations without considering Earth's curvature.
Long Distance Computes distances over a long span. Much more accurate when using latitudes and longitudes because the calculation considers the Earth's curvature.
Lookup 2D Looks up a value in a two dimensional array.
Currency Conversion Converts foreign currency to dollars (or other amounts)

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