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9 Excel Functions for Channel and Inventory Management

Function Computes
Needed Distribution Availability Computes the needed distribution percentage of the potential market to reach a desired market share.
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Calculates the best order quantity to place order conditions of known demand with no back ordering.
EOQ Back Order Calculates the best order quantity to place order conditions of known demand with back ordering. Distribution partners may use to order your goods.
Service Policy Calculates the reorder point and order quantity to meet a given service policy, like 95% in-stock inventory.
Coop Utilization Computes the utilization of coop funds.
Coop per Unit Calculates the planned spending per unit to be acquired with coop funds.
Buying Opportunities Sums the number of buying opportunities potential customers have from your channels. Can be used to compare different geographic areas.
Expected Channel Order Estimates the orders you can expect from a channel partner based on their desired days of sales in inventory.
Estimated Channel Inventory Estimates the inventory your channel partners currently have.

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